What if growing your business on social media 
could feel EASY and FUN? 
Well, I'll tell you right now, 

If it doesn't, you're doing it wrong...

Join The A-List Incubator Today
and We'll PERSONALLY Hold Your Hand
As You Create (and Perfect) the Strategy, Tactics 
and Mindset You'll Need to Succeed Online 
(Without Going Insane in the Process)
What if growing your business on social media 
could feel EASY and FUN? Well, I'll tell you right now, 

If it doesn't, you're doing it wrong...

Join The A-List Incubator Today
and We'll PERSONALLY Hold Your Hand
As You Create (and Perfect) the Strategy, Tactics 
and Mindset You'll Need to Succeed Online 
(without Going Insane in the Process)

There are SO MANY OPTIONS when it comes to online marketing... 
...do you ever feel like your head might just EXPLODE?
You've got lots of ideas. Lots of dreams. Lots of creativity-- so much, it feels like it's spilling out of your EARS sometimes!

You've also got a LOT going on. Family. Community. Home stuff. Money stuff. A MILLION different logistical pieces to fit into the massive puzzle called LIFE. 

So yeah, while doing big things sounds nice, sometimes you feel like...

"If I'm already drowning in SMALL stuff, how could I possibly imagine succeeding with BIG stuff?"

Sometimes, the "entrepreneurial freedom" dream feels a whole lot more like a nightmare...
Well, here's the good news. The "entrepreneurial freedom" dream CAN and DOES come true all the time. 

I've helped THOUSANDS of entrepreneurs JUST LIKE YOU 
make AWESOME moneymaking videos, 
create marketing plans that WORK
(even when NOTHING ELSE has...),
and overcome the stuff that holds them back 
so they can build businesses that (gasp!) actually FULFILL them, instead of just DRAINING them.

BUT-- (and this is a big "but"...)

Most people never get that far. 

And the sad thing is, it's not because the information isn't out there. It's DEFINITELY out there...

Most people never get to live the dream because they don't know WHICH information they need the most, nor the subtle nuances of HOW to apply it...

...NOR do they have the support and direction they desperately need if they EVER hope to stand out from the SAME BASIC STUFF EVERYBODY ELSE IS DOING!

SPOILER ALERT: It all starts with VIDEO. 
Video is the FASTEST way I know to turn total strangers into fans, friends, clients-- BUYERS. 

If you can figure out how to create videos that do the "heavy lifting" of your sales process for you, you CAN have the time freedom you've been looking for. 

If I can get there with 4 kiddos at home with me, you can too-- and if you keep reading, I'll tell you how!

In just a couple short years, thanks to the stuff I'm about to tell you, I've... 

1) retired my husband

2) hired a live-in housekeeper/babysitter

3) built a team of 9+ brilliant thinkers who grow my business even when I'm on vacation

4) easily filled (and made lots of money from) a wildly successful live event...
and that's just the SHORT list!

TRUTH: I really, 100%, Girl Scout's Honor, SWEAR that every single stinkin' day I wake up feeling like I won the "best life" LOTTO. 

That said, I also know that luck is not actually a thing. There is a way that you can ensure YOUR success is just as big as (if not BIGGER than!) mine, and it's my mission in life to make sure you all about it. 

But I'm getting ahead of myself... let's start at the beginning, shall we?
My name is Brittany Bullen and I'm a NERD.

I geek out about musicals, personal development, HGTV and all things ENTREPRENEURSHIP.

But when I started trying to build a business online, I was just like anybody else...

I didn't feel confident... I was super overwhelmed trying to "be all the places" and "do ALL THE THINGS..."

I wanted to actually MAKE MONEY for once (you know, instead of just SPENDING it?!?)

I wanted to look in the mirror and feel PROUD of the woman I saw again...

I wanted to GET RESULTS from my marketing instead of just feeling like the stuff I was doing was getting me NOWHERE, robbing me of time I could have spent enjoying motherhood...

I felt SO ALONE...

I knew I needed to "work smarter, not harder" but I didn't know what was "smart" and what was just hard...

I wondered...

...do I need a website? Or just a Facebook page? Or a Facebook group? Or ALL THE THINGS?

...what are the right times to post on social media? Does it matter?

....how much should I spend on ads? Should I even run ads at all? Will it even be worth it?

...what should I offer when, and why am I attracting all these people who don't BUY anything?

The more I read, the more confused I got.

The only thing I DID know was that what I was doing was NOT going to cut it... 

If you're anything like I was back then, you're probably a little confused as to WHICH marketing activities are a good use of your time and resources, and which ones are a TOTAL WASTE of time and energy...

But the hardest part of ALL...

Was feeling like I had to figure out how to make my business work ALL BY MYSELF. 

I was BROKE.

I couldn't afford a team, a coach, an assistant... 
heck, I couldn't even afford a Diet Dr. Pepper if we're being honest...
(although it's funny how 
the budget seems to open up 
for really important stuff like Diet Dr. Pepper...)

But it wasn't just the marketing part that was so hard...
It was the "talking to humans" part!

As an introvert disguised as an extrovert, I did NOT want to do all those things they say you "have to do" to be successful in business...
  • Selling on the phone 😩
  • In person networking 😨
  • Cold calling 😢
  • Randomly messaging people on Facebook 🙄
Wouldn't it be AWESOME if there were ONE PLACE you could get...

1) a major marketing upgrade
2) a major mindset upgrade 
3) an actual human being who would be there to personally make sure you get it?


1) FB ads if they terrify or intimidate you 
2) Having a Marketing Degree 
3) Spending a crap-TON of money 
4) Knowing exactly what your brand or message is

My point is, I know how it feels when your marketing isn't working.
And I know how it feels to feel like there's 
of the situation you're in-- 

whether it's just a plateau 
you can't seem to break through, 
or a total mental meltdown 
like I was having a few years back, 
when I almost quit on my business (and myself).
Well, my friend? THIS IS IT. 
The A-List Incubator: 
The ONLY Group Program That Will PERSONALLY Walk You Through the Strategy, Tactics and Mindset Shifts It'll Take to Succeed Online (without Going Insane in the Process).

As an A-Lister, you'll...
  •  Make MASSIVE LEAPS in Your Progress in EVERY AREA of Your Life: Every week on Facebook Messenger, your personal "Executive Success Assistant" will guide you through my GAME-CHANGING goal achievement framework that will give you the "BEYOND FLUFF," practical life-mastery tools to become who you need to be to achieve anything you want to achieve
  •  Stay Focused with Customized Support: No need to worry about digging around for the tools, trainings and resources you need-- your Executive Success Assistant can show you exactly where to find the instructions you need to take action (so you don't "squirrel" all over the place and start working on stuff you might not be ready for yet)
  •  Know EXACTLY "What's Working Now" on Social Media: because you'll have Exclusive Access to watch our cutting-edge monthly workshops, designed to help you stay up-to-date with all the latest strategies, skills and trends in online marketing and entrepreneurship
  •  Never have to wonder "wait... how do I do that?" You'll have UNLIMITED access to all of my best tips, tricks and techniques for succeeding BIG in online marketing, sales, advertising and video, which are all waiting for you right now in your exclusive (and always growing) A-List members' only training dashboard
  • NEVER have to feel like you've got nobody to talk to who really GETS how you feel: Enjoy unlimited 24/7 access to my private A-List Incubator Facebook Group to get the feedback, encouragement and support you need to fuel your rise to fame and fortune (or, in the very least, awesomeness and expertdom)!
So basically you're getting...
Marketing that WORKS...
A Mindset That CONQUERS...
AND new Besties for LIFE...
Have you tried courses before and NOT seen results?
Once it was over, did you actually IMPLEMENT the stuff you learned?
Or did you pick and choose bits and pieces of it, 
kinda try them 
and kinda fall back into 
old (ineffective) marketing habits?
That's because what you need 
is NOT a course-- 
you need an 
that will SEE YOU THROUGH 
over the long haul.
'Cause let's get real, guys... 
anybody who tells you 
you're going to start using their system 
and be rich by next Thursday 
isn't doing anybody any favors, am I right?!?
What You'll Do
  •  We'll ask the right questions to get you through the MOST IMPORTANT STEP in the process of making your marketing work-- the MESSAGE. We WILL NOT LET YOU get away with a lackluster marketing message!
  •  We WILL NOT LET you quit on your dream-- in those moments when business/life just gets HARD, we're going to be there to rework your plan (or at least your thinking) and help you find the FUN again!
  •  We will make sure that you THROW OUT any lame-sauce notions that you're not good enough/talented enough/attractive enough/connected enough/ANYTHING enough to have the success you desire. Every feature of this program is designed to help you build confidence AS you improve your skills
  •  We will help you design a marketing strategy that works for YOU-- that suits YOUR lifestyle and desires, not just some one-size-fits NOBODY, cookie cutter nonsense
What You'll Learn
  •  You'll learn how to make moneymaking videos
  •  You'll learn how to get over mental blocks
  •  You'll learn how to set yourself apart
  •  You'll learn what to say (and not say) to make people want to buy from YOU and ONLY you
How We'll Do It
We'll walk you through the process of developing a KILLER plan in the following six "go at your own pace" phases:

1. Clarify Your "Why"

In this phase, you'll get 100% clear on what you really want-- so you don't spend the next five years building an audience or a business that doesn't actually fit with the way you want to live!

2. Think Through the "Who"

During this phase, we'll help you ask the right questions so you'll be able to master the inner workings on the mind of your customer (after we help you figure out who that person actually IS in the first place!) Most entrepreneurs think they've done this, but if you're not getting AWESOME results from your marketing, you haven't done it right...

3. Choose a "What" that Kicks BUTT

This will be the part where you choose which specific OFFER/PRODUCT/SERVICE you want to focus your time and energy on (that has the highest possible chance of success). Sometimes it's hard to decide. We will help!

4. Put Some "WOW" In the "How"

Finally-- the moment you've all been waiting for! This is the part where we'll help you figure out all the practical, tactical details of your marketing plan. 

5. Find Your "When", Do It THEN

In this stage, we'll talk about TIME and teach you the exact same strategies we use here at Team NerdyGirl to get the MAXIMUM POSSIBLE RESULTS from the minimum possible content creation time. 

6. Let Your Skills Pay the Bills

Of course, all of this stuff is only going to be worth the investment you're making if it results in more DOLLA DOLLA BILLS for you, right? In this phase, the ALI community will be there to help you troubleshoot, improve and EXPLODE your results as you grow. 
You're on this page for a reason.
If you didn't want to turn your videos into MONEYMAKING MACHINES, you wouldn't be here.
That's why, JUST if you click that pink button
and join the A-List,
we're going to do everything we can to make sure that happens.
100% RISK FREE: Cancel any time in the first 30 days for a full, no-questions-asked refund.
I know coaches who charge at LEAST $1ok 
for the same amount of value you're about to get...
But I want to help AS MANY PEOPLE AS I CAN, so you'll get it ALL for just a FRACTION of that!
Now, at this point, I know what you might be thinking...
You’re probably thinking “I hope this isn't another one of those super-complicated, hard to follow systems...” Right?
I do NOT believe in ANY one-size-fits-all marketing "system" because I believe that the right message can take MANY different forms-- that's why the VAST MAJORITY of the work we'll do is going to be about getting the MESSAGE right. Once you do that, we can figure out a customized set of tactics that feel good to YOU!
You’re probably thinking “I really hope this works...” Right?
Here's the deal, yo-- not only does the stuff I teach WORK-- NOTHING ELSE will! Learning how to talk about your product, how to test and tweak and perfect your marketing, that stuff is NOT NEW... but it IS ESSENTIAL to having success (whether you have me helping you or not... although I am pretty danged awesome at it if I do say so myself...)

You’re probably thinking “I'm a network marketer/realtor/brick and mortar store owner/ecommerce store owner... will this work for me?” Right?
I LOVE this question! If you're wondering that, it's probably because I haven't yet made it clear enough that THIS IS NOT A ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL PROGRAM! As part of what you'll get from your investment in this program, you're going to get to see laser-focused niche-specific trainings I made with my clients in each of the niches I just mentioned so you can see how we can customize a strategy for you. 
You’re probably thinking "What if I have to stop mid-way through or can’t start right away? Will this work for me?" Right?
YES! 100%. That's why we don't deliver content to you on a set schedule, and your membership in the program is so affordable because we're ASSUMING that "life will happen"! 

We want you to feel free to take your time and move through this journey at a pace that works for YOU-- whether you want to motor through and get everything set in motion in two weeks, or whether you take the next year to figure out what you want to be when you grow up, we'll be here to support you no matter what. 

You’re probably thinking "But I’ve tried a million things before-- WHY will this work for me?" Right?
If the marketing methods haven't worked for you in the past, I am 99% sure that it was because you didn't get that ONE HUGE THING we just talked about right-- your MESSAGE. It can be a RIDICULOUSLY DIFFICULT THING to get right (and keep getting right over and over) but that's exactly why we always think in terms of "message first, method second" in our work together-- to make sure you're not getting ahead of yourself! 

You’re probably thinking "What if I don't want to pay for ads or fancy software or equipment... this won't work for me..." Right?
I can't tell you this enough-- your success has NOTHING TO DO with the tools or technology you use, and everything to do with WHAT YOU SAY, WHO YOU SAY IT TO and HOW YOU SAY IT. Everything else is massively flexible, and we can find a way to get results on ANY budget. 

You’re probably thinking "What's the catch..." Right?
The "catch" is-- you actually have to DO stuff to make this work (gasp!). You have to try things and not all of the things you try will work-- which means you will need to be PATIENT and TRY AGAIN!!! 

That's why this is an ongoing membership community-- because when it comes to marketing, stuff takes time and you'll need lots of feedback and support from your PEEPS along the way!
And just in case it sounds too good to be true...
here's why I'm offering you so much stuff for so little:

Let's be REAL about this...

I'm taking a BIG leap of faith here. 

I'm giving you THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS' worth of training materials (not to mention physical products I'll need to send you in the mail) for FREE as a "bribe" to try my membership program...

Which that if you bail out on me after the first month, I'm losing quite a bit of money. 

WHY WOULD I RISK THAT, you ask? Well...

1. I am SUPER confident that you're going to love it and I want the chance to prove it to you!

2. Because unlike a lot of "marketing gurus" out there, I don't want to sell you a big fat program before you've had the chance to really experience it. I want you to try this one for yourself before you commit to it, and then stick around then use it as long as you need to. 

3. If I get you to try the program and you see how awesome it is, hopefully you'll stick around for a long time! 

4. I'm a bit of a show off...  I think 99% of what is said online is designed to cause even MORE confusion rather than take the confusion AWAY... so I wanted the chance to PROVE to you that I'm legit (because it's one thing for me to TELL you and quite another for me to actually SHOW you, right?!?)

5. Honestly, I just want to help you 'cause I've been there before! :)

BOTTOM LINE: You're going to spend this money on your business either way. 

You can spend it here, 
getting the support and direction you need 
to actually get 2, 5 or maybe even 100 times what you spent BACK...

or you can waste it 
on a bunch of trial and error stuff...
or random software subscriptions you'll never use...
or random courses you won't use...
just like I did-- 
(a.k.a. Flushy McFlusherton, right down the drain). 

Now all that's left to do is simply click the pink button and get started today!
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